Zentrela is your story

Venture across vast plains and not-so-vast deserts and slay hordes of evil monsters.
Lend a helping hand to Farmer Jones, or form a guild and go beat up noobs.
At Zentrela, the only limit is your imagination! (and what's coded in the server)

  • Diamond
  • Trophy
  • Heart

Incredible Items

Defeat monsters to loot their randomly generated items, buy scrolls and potions from shops, and collect the equipment of legends from dungeons and bosses as you delve into Zentrela's extensive lore.

Marvelous Monsters

Sick of vanilla Minecraft's weakling skeletons and zombies? We promise that Zentrela's monsters take Minecraft combat to a whole new level! With monsters that can teleport, slow you, shoot five arrows per second, throw bolts of fire, and more, we promise that you will die during your adventures... and love it!

P.S. You only lose items if you die in Danger Level 4 regions, so there's nothing to fear as you begin your journey!

Dank Dungeons

Explore expansive dungeons in Zentrela and team up with your friends to defeat the Dungeon Boss! Each Dungeon Boss has its own special abilities and drop awesome rewards when defeated. Destroy the Slime King and crush the Big Derplax to prove that you are the strongest!

More of Zentrela's Awesomeness

A small taste of the fun that awaits.

  • Super Spells

    Pew pew! Shoot out lightning bolts, leap towards your enemies, and fire exploding arrows. Zentrela's many class spells are guaranteed to entertain. New spells are added all the time!

  • Wonderful World

    Zentrela's world was designed from scratch for the server, so there are no useless trap holes or empty caves to distract you from your exploration. Everything in this world has a purpose!

  • Cool Community

    Make new friends as you join parties and form guilds! No RPG is complete without a great community, and Zentrela's community is one of the best!

  • Quaint Quests

    Zentrela boasts an extensive storyline with a perfect mix of humor and epicness. Don't like quests? Never fear - quests are totally optional!

Go play now!

'tis a command from King Kargeth himself.