1. Zentrela is closed :(
    This forum will be transitioning into a forum about other stuff, but will remain online with the current posts still here!


  1. Service Awards

    Awards for people who have made significant contributions to Zentrela.

    1. Developer

      Someone who has contributed to code used on Zentrela, whether in-game or on the web.

      Awarded Users:
      1. Misaka
    2. Designer

      Someone who has done artwork or graphics used in official Zentrela stuff (website, Youtube, etc.)

      Awarded Users:
      1. Misaka
    3. Teacher

      Someone who has written high quality guides for playing Zentrela. High quality guides are detailed and well-written.

    4. Youtuber

      Someone who has made and posted Zentrela-related videos with over 50,000 views in total. Videos must include a link to the Zentrela website either in the first 2 lines of the video description or prominently visible for at least 15 seconds during the video.

    5. Builder

      Someone who has built important buildings and regions in the Zentrela RPG world.

  2. Money Awards

    For giving money to Misaka.

    1. Bitcoin

      Donate 1 BTC to Misaka for this award. I don't really expect anyone to do this but I need to put something here to test the medal categories lol.

  3. Special Awards

    Awards that don't belong in the above categories. Read each award's description for an explanation on how it is obtained.

    1. Foundation Donor

      A special medal awarded to those who donated money during Zentrela's fundraising period to help the server launch. This medal was given to players who donated more than $25. More information available here.

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    Zentrela combines fun and challenge into an amazing RPG experience! Explore the world with your guild, defeat dangerous world bosses, conquer legendary dungeons, and slay your enemies in PvP! In Zentrela, you choose what you want to do, and there's plenty to choose from!
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